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Our product lines meet worldwide regulatory body approvals for Marine & Offshore wire and cables. IEEE 45, P1580, UL1309 Standards for Type P, Type T/N and Type X shipboard constructions. Our submarine and warship cables easily comply with the Mil-Dtl-24643 and Mil-Dtl-24640 approval standards. All international wires and cables gain their stamp of approval by meeting IEC, BS, NEK, & JS certification standards. Wiring and connection products such as cable ties(nylon and stainless steel), cable cleats, hazardous, industrial & JIS cable glands, compression lugs/ sleeves, terminals, joint boxes, terminal blocks, wiring accessories and mil-spec connectors, all surpass international approval standards as well as independent quality testing. For fabricated steel products we can provide masts (Navy & Coast Guard), cable trays, channel type trays, manhole covers, grating, SUS handrails, aluminum life rails, LNG fittings, pump tower fittings, cargo tank hatches, sliding & anchor support, multi core tubing, stairways, scuttles, watertight doors and outfitting equipment.

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